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Commercial DPF Cleaning

UK DPF Cleaning specialises in the cleaning of commercial vehicle DPFs. UK DPF Cleaning understands that keeping your vehicle on the road is essential for the smooth running of your business operations and protecting revenue. Our fast and effective mobile DPF cleaning service is ideal for the maintenance and repair of your commercial vehicles.

Mobile DPF Cleaning Service for Commercial Vehicles and Commercial DPF Cleaning
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Fleets of All Sizes

Mobile DPF Cleaning for Commercial Vehicles

Every year, UK DPF Cleaning helps hundreds of commercial vehicle owners and small businesses save £1000’s of pounds on expensive DPF replacements. Our industry-leading techniques ensure that each and every Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is fully cleaned like new. As a result,
our service PREVENTS filters from reaching the point of no repair – meaning you would otherwise have no choice but to spend your hard-earned profits on costly new filters. Replacement DPFs can cost in excess of £3000 per vehicle. A frightening cost which can be avoided through advanced, regular servicing of your vehicle’s DPF filter

All Vehicles

UK DPF Cleaning undertake the essential maintenance on commercial fleets of all sizes, from single vans or trucks to larger operations carrying varying vehicle type including HGV’s, buses and coaches, cargo vans and even tractors and agricultural vehicle.

Commercial DPF Cleaning for all types of commercial vehicle

We Visit You

Our service is fully mobile meaning that your commercial vehicles need not travel anywhere for this essential service to be carried out. Our mobile DPF workshops cover large areas of the South East, fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and DPF cleaning technology.

Fully Mobile DPF Cleaning Workshops

5-Star Service

Our team of friendly engineers are experienced, qualified mechanics and DPF specialists. We treat all client’s vehicles as if they were our own, understanding fully, how integral your commercial vehicle is to the success of your business.

5 Star Service
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A DPF service could cost you absolutely nothing!

A clogged, inefficient DPF filter can severely impact your vehicle’s fuel economy. If your commercial vehicle travels vast distances annually the savings in fuel alone could offset the cost of the service altogether. That’s without mentioning the potential cost to your business if your vehicle had to be taken off the road for any period of time or in the worst case, needed a replacement DPF!

  • Prevent costly DPF replacements
  • Improve vehicle power & responsiveness
  • Save £££’s a year on fuel efficiency
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Prevent MOT failures
  • Mobile service cleaning while-you-wait
  • Management of small & large fleets
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Need Commercial DPF Cleaning for your business?

We work with all commercial vehicles and provide discounted rates for fleets requiring multiple DPF cleans and regular scheduled maintenance contracts.

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