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12 Month Service Warranty

DPF Cleaning from only £129

Convenient Service

Drop-off & Collection DPF Cleaning Service

UK DPF Cleaning now offer a hugely convenient DPF drop off service for off-car DPF cleaning and restoration. Our in-house, state of the art technology provides a fast and effective way to remove over 98% of Ash, Soot and other impurities from a range of vehicle filters including DPF Filters, SCR Filters, DOC Filters and Catalytic Converters from all types of diesel vehicles.

At UK DPF Cleaning, we offer same day DPF cleaning and servicing* whilst also offering clients further afield a Nationwide collection and drop off service. This means wherever you are in the country, UK DPF Cleaning can help restore your off-car DPFs and vehicle filters back to full working health in no time at all.**

Best In Class DPF Cleaning Equipment

Our cutting-edge technology is ideal for all types of vehicle including commercial van fleets, agricultural vehicles such as tractors, boats, forklifts, mobile chains – just about any vehicle with a filter! We offer bulk servicing on fleet vehicles to ensure your commercial fleet is in top working condition, saving your business thousands on lost fuel consumption and expensive DPF filter replacements.

 DPF Filters (Diesel Particulate Filtration)

 DOC Filters (Diesel Oxidization Catalyst)

 SCR Filters (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
 Diesel Catalytic Converters
 Domestic & Commercial Vehicles
*Same day DPF cleaning can be achieved on filters which are booked in advance and delivered to our Hertfordshire based DPF Cleaning lab prior to 10am. Filters which require additional treatments or repair may take longer.
**Nationwide collection and delivery available across mainland UK via specialist courier. Filters must be sufficiently packaged and free of excess oil/dirt. UK DPF Cleaning cannot be held responsible for courier delays or failed deliveries. For more information please get in touch.

Customer Value

Perfect Trade Solution for DPF Cleaning Service

We work with many vehicle specialists, garages and automotive repairs centres to offer a convenient and cost-effective DPF Cleaning service that allows them to offer DPF cleaning services that would have otherwise been difficult to achieve, saving their clients ££££’s in costly DPF replacements.

To see how UK DPF Cleaning could benefit your business and provide your clients with added value services contact us today to discuss our service and arrange your off-car DPF cleaning service.

How it works

Step 1

Book your filter in with us

If you’ve got a filter that needs cleaning, contact us on 0330 133 2366 or email Our technicians will take some basic information and invite you to either drop the filter off at our Hertfordshire based DPF Cleaning centre or arrange a collection and delivery service with a reputable courier.

Step 2

Pre-Clean Inspection

Every filter we receive for service is fully checked and evaluated prior to cleaning. We’ll ensure that there is no pre-existing damage or cracks which could be causing DPF problems beyond the obvious debris build up.

Step 3

The First Clean

The first stage of the cleaning process uses a specialist machine that flushes impurities from the filter by alternating water and chemicals with pressurised air to ensure every cell is targeted. This process removes up to 99% of ash, soot and other debris to ensure the cells are restored to optimal filtration effectiveness.

Step 4

The Bake

The second stage helps to clear even the most stubborn of ash deposits, helping to restore the filter back to near as-new condition. To do this, we kiln-bake the filter at temperatures up to 600 degrees celsius which helps to weaken excess soot built up in the ceramic cell walls.

Step 5

The Final Clean

After the Stage 2 Bake, the filter undergoes a similar process to the Stage 1 Clean by flushing water back through the filter to remove any of the fractured ash and soot deposits weakened by the extreme temperatures of The Bake. At this point, providing the filter requires no additional welding or repairs to the ceramic cells the filter is as good as new again, offering full efficiency and ready to be returned to the vehicle.

Step 6

Repairs & Final Inspection

In the event the DPF/DOC/SCR filter is diagnosed as damaged during the Pre-Clean Inspection, it may be necessary for repairs to be carried out on the filter, including welding, bung repair/replacement and even ceramic repairs to the cell structure. If required, our engineers will notify you of the problem areas prior to repair.

We’ll perform a full filter efficiency test before we release your filter back to you to ensure the job is complete and your filter is in perfect working condition.

UK DPF Cleaning from only £129 with Nationwide UK Collection & Delivery Service

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To book in a DPF clean or discuss our in-house DPF Cleaning services please give us a call on 0330 133 2366 or leave us a message and a member of our DPF technician team will be happy to help.

“I hadn’t even heard of the filter until my engine warning light came on and after discussing with a friend I was recommended to Liam at UK DPF Cleaning. Although I hadn’t noticed any performances issues at the time, it was only until I’d had the filter cleaned that I noticed a radical difference in the cars performance. Immensely pleased that I had it done and thoroughly impressed with the service and speed in which it was done.”

Callum Turner – 2010 Range Rover 3.0 TD V6 HSE

“My local mechanic advised that I have a new DPF filter fitted and I nearly forked out for a new one until I did a little research online about them. Thankfully came across UK DPF Cleaning and they came out 2 days later and sorted the filter. Car runs really nicely now, didn’t realise how much of an effect it would have to be honest. Well worth it with the money saved on a new part. Recommended!

Michelle Philips – 2012 Audi A5 2.0 TDI