What is a DPF filter and do you really need it?

A Diesel Particulate Filter prevents the harmful particles produced by the diesel engine from being released into the environment.

DPFs have been fitted as standard in diesel vehicles since 2009, when Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation was bought in to help lower CO2 emissions. A DPF is a legal requirement for diesel vehicles manufactured after that date.

Why would you consider removing the DPF?

The DPF warning light has come on. This is not a reason for removing the DPF, the filter is there to protect both the environment and your engine. The light is telling you the filter is blocked and needs cleaning.

There is chatter online saying that removing the DPF improves engine performance and MPG (when the opposite can happen) and there are companies that offer a service to remove the DPF or perform a DPF delete, which is another name for the removal. Motorists need to be aware that although it is not technically illegal to remove the DPF, it is illegal to drive on public roads without one.

No DPF, instant MOT failure

When having an MOT, the exhaust system will be checked and if the DPF is missing that will result in an automatic MOT failure. As it is an offence to drive without one the fine for removing a DPF is £1000 for a car and up to £2500 for a van.  Another consideration is that a missing DPF can invalidate your car insurance.

Protect Your Engine

A well-maintained DPF is a benefit to your engine as it traps the soot particles that would otherwise accumulate on engine components, leading to excessive wear and tear and added maintenance costs. Removing the DPF will also invalidate the warranty on a vehicle, which could be a costly mistake.

DPF Cleaning

Keeping your DPF clean is a far more economical way of looking after your diesel engine. A well-maintained filter will enhance your vehicle’s performance, improve fuel economy and protect your engine.

A diesel engine can clean the DPF itself within the usual running of a vehicle, but if the driver only makes short journeys or encounters a lot of slow urban traffic the engine is unable to perform the burn-off necessary to clean the filter.

UK DPF can remove and clean the filter without the need for replacement, saving money and improving the efficiency of the engine. We work with private and commercial vehicles and have a mobile service for your convenience. Get in touch today for further details and a free quote.