At a time when we are all being inundated by advertising on every media platform advising us to claim for missold diesel vehicles, what you really need to know is, what’s it really all about and should you claim. There are so many legal companies telling us to get in touch to join a group claim and they will win us back £1000’s.

This should be of interest to you if you have been the registered keeper of a diesel car or van in England and Wales, that was manufactured between 2007-2020, and in our list below.

The manufacturers with claims being brought against them are:

Audi BMW Chrysler Citroen Fiat Ford Hyundai Jaguar KIA Land Rover Mercedes Mini Nissan Peugeot Porsche Renault SEAT Skoda Vauxhall Volvo VW

At present, if you do own or previously owned one of these vehicles, whether purchased on finance or bought outright, you may be eligible to join a group legal claim.

The whole diesel emissions scandal began in 2015 when VW faced regulatory action for supposedly using illegal “defeat devices” in order to cheat emission regulation tests in the US.

This information led to group legal claims that allege VW sold vehicles based on emission figures that were not true. The truth is that the affected cars did produce more harmful pollution than VW stated.

VW and all the other car manufacturers that have now been accused of false emission figures, dispute these claims, and say that consumers have not been overcharged or suffered from financial loss.

The legal teams argue that you could be due compensation for the following reasons:

  • You bought the vehicle as you were advised it was more environmentally friendly than it actually was, and you possibly paid a premium because of this.
  • If the car or van had to be fixed in order to comply with the emissions standard, this may have affected its performance or fuel efficiency incurring added costs to yourself.
  • It’s possible you would never have purchased the vehicle if you had known it was less environmentally friendly or less fuel efficient.

I own or previously owned a diesel vehicle, how do I know if I can claim?

There are many online sites where you can enter your registration number and they will advise as to whether your car or van was one of the vehicles affected.

Should I join a group legal claim or claim independently?

It is really not advisable to undertake an independent claim, the details are complex and the manufacturers powerful, this is likely to be costly and after legal fees, even if you win your claim, you are likely to come out with a very small amount of compensation.

Joining a group claim is really the best option, be aware that the payout may not be huge. Most of the legal companies representing consumers in these claims are running them on a no-win, no fee. This means there will be no upfront fees, the legal company will take between a third and up to half of any compensation as their fee if the claim is successful.

If the claim fails there is no fee to pay, although there is always a slim chance that the manufacturer will seek costs from the legal group claim. Some legal firms have something called ATE, which is basically an insurance which means you will definitely not have to pay any costs if the case is lost. It is worth asking the legal company if they have ATE cover.

Can I change my mind if I sign up to a group legal claim?

If you decide to sign up, but then wish to withdraw your claim there can be financial implications. When you sign up you have a 14-day cooling-off period and can cancel your claim without cost. After 14 days the legal firm can charge fees for any work they have done in proceeding with the claim on your behalf. Read the terms and conditions carefully before committing. Therefore it is advisable to be sure you want to pursue a claim.

How do find a firm to join a group claim?

Do your research, there is plenty of information online regarding all the legal companies handling these claims.

  • Look at the reviews for each firm.
  • Look at the fees percentage that will be charged out of any payout you receive, these can range from 35% to 50%.
  • Don’t pay fees upfront as most legal companies are running “No Win, No Fee” claims and there is no need to be out of pocket.

How long will it take to settle a claim?

Unfortunately, litigation can take years, if the manufacturers settle out of court it may be quicker but realistically do not expect a fast payout.