Over recent years campervans have become more popular than ever. People from all walks of life have been attracted to the idea of ‘van life’, taking to the road at the drop of a hat, exploring the UK and Europe and saving money on expensive hotel accommodation.

A brand new, ultra-modern campervan will set you back upward of £70,000, this is a huge investment, and you would have to take quite a few trips in it to say it has saved you money on holidays.

Most people choose to buy a used campervan which can be much more affordable, there are plenty on the market and it is important to work out what you want from your camper before you start looking.

So, what exactly is a Campervan?

A campervan is a van body fitted out to become a camping vehicle. They include a sleeping area, usually folding up & down and a small kitchen area typically with a sink, small fridge and occasionally a microwave. The higher-priced vehicles may have a toilet and shower, but most do not.
A motorhome in comparison is bigger with more home comforts, there is generally a larger seating space, toilet and shower facilities and a kitchen that includes a cooking hob.

Campervan v Motorhome

A campervan can be used as an everyday vehicle, it can be used and parked in many places just like a large car. Campervans encounter fewer height and width restrictions than a motorhome.

A campervan being smaller can be a better option when travelling to areas with narrow and winding roads. They tend to be easier to park at campsites and with the aid of awnings, you can simply increase your living area when camped.

A motorhome is likely to be more suitable if you appreciate your home comforts or are travelling with children. A campervan has very little room inside and you will likely have to rely on campsite toilet and bathroom facilities.

If you are looking to buy it may be worth trying out both options before you commit. Rent a campervan, hit the road and see if it works for you and your family.

What do you want from your Campervan?

Think about what your plans are with your campervan, are you going to use it as your everyday vehicle, if so, keep it smaller, a large, long-wheel base van may be impossible to park in town and a visit to the supermarket could be a challenge. If you are planning on a two-month road trip, perhaps you would prefer extra comfort and an inbuilt toilet, so a motor home would be more suitable. Alternatively, if you are looking to make short weekend trips when you may only spend a night or two in your van, a campervan could be perfect.

If you plan on friends or family joining you it is important that you have enough seats with seatbelts.

Diesel, Petrol or Electric?

All options are open to you. Diesel has been the most popular choice over the years as diesel engines are more fuel efficient for long-distance journeys, they are cheaper to maintain and are reliable. There are far more diesel campervans available to buy than petrol or electric vans.

There is a limited selection of petrol-fuelled campervans on the market. The most popular being the VW Transporter, which is a good drive much like a car.

Electric campers are relatively new to the scene, hold a high price and are rarely seen on the used vehicle market. Although we have all been encouraged to embrace EVs, there is the concern that when on a long journey in a remote area the facilities won’t be there to charge the vehicle. Range anxiety could take the pleasure out of that road trip.

Hybrid is a fourth option, less damaging to the environment and not such a worry as far as charging is concerned. There are very few available on the used vehicle market and when they do come up, they command a high price as the demand is great.

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