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Campervans – All Roads lead to Roam

Over recent years campervans have become more popular than ever. People from all walks of life have been attracted to…
1st Jul 2024

UK Car Manufacturing Under Threat

It has been reported that UK vehicle manufacturing is once again under threat. Vehicle makers across the country are still…
28th Jun 2024

Driving Abroad This Year? Take Note

If you are travelling overseas this summer and plan to take your car or hire a car when you reach…
1st Jun 2024

Used Car Sales Up & Prices Have Dropped

The second-hand vehicle market has experienced a month-on-month increase in sales mainly thanks to manufacturers now getting on top of…
24th May 2024

Car Security – 10 Top Tips to avoid car theft and break-ins

Car theft continues to be a growing issue despite manufacturers enhancing security on their vehicles. It is essential that you…
2nd May 2024

Protect your Van – 10 Top Security Tips to avoid van break-ins

Van theft is on the rise, statistics from the DVLA show a 18% rise in the last year. For many…
27th Apr 2024

Vehicle Clocking – What you need to know

The practice of vehicle clocking has been a problem for decades. In the 80’s and 90’s the practice of turning…
28th Mar 2024

Men or Women – Who are the better drivers?

As we have just celebrated International Women’s Day, it seems to be a good time to look at how women…
15th Mar 2024

How to Renew Your Driving Licence

Most legal drivers on the UK roads today are in possession of a photocard driving licence. There are a few…
29th Feb 2024

How to Drive on a Flooded Road

Over recent years the UK has encountered much heavier rainfall than we were once accustomed to. Global warming has been…
28th Feb 2024

Why has Car Insurance gone up so much?

It has been widely reported that car insurance has gone up drastically over the last year, if you own a…
29th Jan 2024

How to turn your vehicle into a source of income

If you are wanting to increase your income or possibly change your work direction there are numerous ways of using…
23rd Jan 2024

7 Tips for Driving on Icy Roads

The next couple of months can be challenging for the motorist. Snow, ice and rain can make the roads treacherous,…
29th Dec 2023

How to look after your Diesel Engine

Diesel vehicles are here to stay for many more years, and despite their bad press and the knowledge that manufacturing…
20th Dec 2023

Car Park Fires: Should We Be Worried?

Unless you spent the whole of October off-the-grid, you cannot have missed the news concerning a huge car park fire…
30th Nov 2023

Car Cloning Crime Accelerating

There has been an alarming increase in car cloning, with some police forces across the UK estimating that at least…
27th Nov 2023

Don’t Risk a £10,000 Fine for Illegal Tyres!

How often do you check your tyres for pressure and condition, most people admit to not checking their tyres even…
26th Oct 2023

Why not just remove the DPF?

What is a DPF filter and do you really need it? A Diesel Particulate Filter prevents the harmful particles produced…
29th Sep 2023

Alarming rise in moped “Crash for Cash”

Scams relating to “Crash for Cash” have been around for several years. There is an alarming new kid on the…
27th Sep 2023

The Trouble with In-Car Technology

If you own a relatively new car, can you really say you understand all the in-car technology you have to…
29th Aug 2023

Governments target for motorway service station EV chargers to be missed this year

The Government set a target of having six or more rapid or ultra-rapid charging points at every motorway service station…
28th Jul 2023

Farewell Ford Fiesta

Many drivers across the country have owned one at some point, the small, nippy hatchback with great fuel economy, excellent…
25th Jul 2023

Fuel Prices Update – June ’23 Lowdown on the Cost of Petrol & Diesel

Filling up our vehicles continues to dominate a large chunk of our household budgets so UK DPF have looked into…
20th Jun 2023
2023 Fuel Update - What's happening with the cost of fuel

10 Essential Car Checks before setting off on Holiday

With the summer holidays fast approaching Brits will be hitting the motorways in their thousands. Whether you're caravanning in Cornwall,…
19th Jun 2023
Driving on holiday - top 10 vehicle checks before setting off

12 Surprising Driving Laws

There are countless truths and myths as to what is legal when driving in the UK. Most people have different…
31st May 2023

Can I still drive my diesel car after 2030?

When the government said they want to ban diesel vehicles by 2030, this statement caused huge concern amongst much of…
29th May 2023
Can I still drive my diesel car after 2030?

How long can you drive with the DPF light on?

Technically you can continue to drive the vehicle for a short period of time, although that is not recommended. The…
24th Apr 2023
How long can you drive with the dpf light on

What to do if you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle?

That moment, when the penny drops that you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. Whether you are still…
16th Apr 2023
What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

Diesel Emission Claims – What’s it all about and could I claim?

At a time when we are all being inundated by advertising on every media platform advising us to claim for…
21st Mar 2023
Diesel Emissions Claim VW Scandal

The ULEZ Expansion is coming! What is it and how will it affect you?

If you regularly drive into the outer London Boroughs, the news of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expanding will…
17th Mar 2023
What areas does the ULEZ expansion cover?

UK DPF Cleaning’s Top 10 Tips for Saving Money on Fuel!

With fuel prices rocketing to record highs, filling up at the pumps has become the stuff of nightmares for UK…
26th May 2022
Top tips for saving money on fuel

Should I still buy a diesel engine car in 2022? The pros & cons revealed

It’s been a rough few years for the diesel engine. It wasn’t long ago that modern diesel engines were being…
24th May 2022
Should I Still Buy a Diesel Car in 2022?
Should I Still Buy a Diesel Car in 2022?

What on earth is a DPF and why is it important to have one?

What on earth is a DPF filter we hear you ask? Many motorists may never have heard of a DPF.…
10th May 2022
What on earth is a DPF?